At Le Chantilly we offer a wide variety of freshly prepared cakes and pastries. All of our items are made from scratch and only with the best quality ingredients. Please take a look at what we have to offer within this menu and feel free to contact us and find out what we can offer your ideas. For your convenience you can download a PDF version of this menu here.
Le Chantilly Full Menu

Boxed Lunch Menu

Catering Menu


   Breakfast Pastries

Cheese Croissant
Blueberry Cheese Croissant
Cherry Croissant
Cinnamon Pecan Bowtie
Almond Pocket
Apricot Twist
Egg and Green Chile filled Croissant
Cinnamon Roll
Pecan Roll



   Cookies and Tarts

Chinese Chew
Chocolate Brownie
Lemon Square
Alexandre Tart (Apricot & Raspberry)
Chocolate Sandwich
Large Chocolate Chip
Large Oatmeal
Holiday Cookie

1.50 ea
1.50 ea
1.50 ea
1.90 ea
1.50 ea
1.70 ea
1.70 ea
1.60 ea
1.50 ea


Bran Muffin
Blueberry Muffin
French Breakfast Puff

2.00 ea
2.00 ea
2.00 ea


Cherry Strudel

Apple Strudel

Almond-Cheese Strudel

15.25 Whole
3.10 Slice

15.25 Whole
3.10 Slice

15.25 Whole
3.10 Slice

   Deli Salads

Chicken Tarragon:
Tender poached chicken breast dressed with our own mayonnaise, sour creram and spices.

Hearts of Palm & Artichoke:
Artichoke hearts and hearts of palm in a lemon and dill dressing.

Garden Potato: Croissant
Chunks of potato, celery, radish, bell pepper, cornichons coated with mayonnaise and sour cream.

Fresh Fruit:
A medley of fresh fruits of the season.

A mixture of fresh vegetables> dressed in balsamic vinaigrette and feta cheese.

$11.00/lb. $5.25/serving

$11.00/lb. $5.25/serving

$9.25/lb. $4.00/serving

$9.25/lb. $4.00/serving

$11.00/lb. $5.25/serving



Sandwiches with no side ~ $6.25
Sandwiches with side salad ~ $8.00
1/2 Sandwich with soup or salad ~ $6.25

Turkey and Mozzarella
Pastrami and Muenster
Chicken Tarragon
Ham and Gruyere
Salami & Provolone
Roast Beef & Chedder
Whole Wheat    Rye    Baguette
Croissant    Whole Wheat Croissant

Dilled Mayonnaise     Dijon Mustard

Salad Choice:
Fresh Fruit     Garden Potato


Green Chile      Lorraine
$5.25/slice $26.00/whole


Savory Croissants

Carne Adovada Croissant
7.00 ea
French Taco
5.50 ea
Spinach Croissant
5.50 ea
Turkey and Green Chile Croissant
7.00 ea

Soup of the Day

Small: $3.25   Medium: $4.25   Large: $5.25
To Go: $4.25
With a side of one of our deli salads add $2.50
(Chicken Tarragon excluded)

Le Chantilly wedding cakes are made to order from the finest sweet cream butter, fresh whipping cream, pure extracts and real liqueurs. We pride ourselves in making cakes you are proud to serve to your guests.
Price Per Serving
French buttercream icing with fresh
flowers or butter cream roses
Price Per Serving
Rolled fondant icing with fresh
flowers or white ribbon

Fresh flowers that are included in the price above are: Alstromeria, carnations, mini carnations, pompons, spray roses, delphinium, stock, matsomoto asters, daisies, larkspur, mini sunflower (in season) and freesia.

Additional Flower Charges:

Casa Blanca Lily 40.00   Stargazer Lily 40.00
Roses 30.00   Stephanotis 25.00
Gerbera Daisies 30.00   Orchids & Calla Lilies seasonal

We invite you to make an appointment to come in and meet with our wedding cake specialist. We will show you pictures of our cakes and cut samples for you to taste.

Delivery: Cakes over $100.00 are delivered in town and set up at no charge Monday-Saturday. There is a $50.00 delivery charge for Sundays.

$25.00 fee for: Tijeras, South Valley.
($75.00 Sunday)

$50.00 fee for: Rio Rancho, Bernalillo,
Cedar Crest, Algadones, Sedillo, Platicas,
Los Lunas. ($100.00 Sunday)

$75.00 fee for: Santa Fe, Edgewood.
($125.00 Sunday)

Tier Deposit: $15.00 per tier – refunded when returned.

Serving Sizes:

Round Cakes

6” — 8 servings
8” — 16 servings
10” — 24 servings
12” — 40 servings
14” — 70 servings
16” — 110 servings
18” — 160 servings

Square Cakes

6” — 10 servings
8” — 20 servings
10” — 36 servings
12” — 60 servings
14” — 90 servings
16” — 143 servings

Heart Cakes

6” — 8 servings
9” — 20 servings
12” — 36 servings
15” — 60 servings

Hexagon Cakes

6” — 8 servings
9” — 20 servings
12” — 40 servings
15” — 70 servings
Le Chantilly
be your choice for
catering any occasion.
Ask for our
Catering Menu!


Cakes and Tortes

$4.00 a slice
Apricot Regent     Gran Marnier Torte
Gateau Framboise     Framboise Blanc
Le marquise Torte

Whole Cakes priced by the pound

Dinner Pastries

Mocha Breslin
Chocolate Box/Marquise de Ville
Apricot Praline/Raspberry Diamond

Petit Fours

Raspberry in White Cake
Apricot in White Cake
Mocha in Chocolate Cake
Fresh Fruit Tartlet

Croissants and Breads

White Croissant    1.40 ea
French Baguette    3.00 ea
Whole Wheat Croissant    1.40 ea
Whole Wheat Bread   4.00 ea
Challa Loaf    3.75 ea
Rye Bread    4.25 ea

Drink Selections

Canned Soda
Iced Teas
Hot Teas
Aromas Best Dark
2.25 sm
Italian Roast Decaf.
2.25 sm
Cafe Au Lait
2.50 sm
2.25 sm
3.00 sm
3.25 sm
Mocha Latte
3.50 sm
Caramel Latte
3.50 sm
You may also add a flavor to your coffee drink

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PH: 505.293.7057
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